Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (TheRide)

Deputy CEO, Operations

To Apply

Submit a resume and cover letter and salary requirements in confidence to Christopher Boylan, cboylan@harrisrand.com or Richard Bacigalupo, rbacigalupo@harrisrand.com



The Deputy CEO, Operations is responsible for ensuring that services provided by the agency maintain the highest standards of safety, customer satisfaction, efficiency, and overall excellence in service delivery. The Deputy provides strategic leadership for the Operations Division and service-delivery departments in the agency. The Deputy will provide the leadership, management and oversight necessary to ensure the division has appropriate processes, procedures, equipment, and systems in place so that the agency can make informed decisions, achieve its overall aims and run efficiently.  Direct reports include department managers of Bus Operations, Fleet Services, Mobility Services (paratransit), and Facilities Services.

Essential Functions

Lead and oversee all activities associated with service delivery and maintenance operations for the agency in order to advance the agency’s overall direction, ensure safety and compliance, and manage risks.

  • Oversee the implementation of effective, reliable and courteous bus, paratransit and other services (direct and contracted) to advance the agency’s goals and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Maintain/strengthen TheRides’ reputation for excellence.
  • Oversee the management of vehicle and facility maintenance to ensure effective and efficient practices in asset management.
  • Proactively work to enhance workplace and customer safety in order to minimize injuries associated with agency activities. Cultivate a culture of safety in the division. Work with Human Resources to advance organizational safety.
  • Create a culture of teamwork, collaboration and proactive problem solving.
  • Work with the Executive Team and Board members to clarify, articulate and advance the agency’s vision. Attend Board and Committee meetings to help facilitate understanding of operational considerations.
  • Foster excellent communications, working relationships and personal connections with agency employees. Oversee consistent implementation of work rules and labor contract administration and compliance. Coordinate with Human Resources to take a key role in labor relations and collective bargaining.
  • Foster excellent relationships with outside stakeholders including operational staff in nearby local government in order to enhance service delivery, advance agency objectives and maintain the agency’s credibility.
  • Assist with reporting for agency-wide compliance (i.e. FTA Triennial Review, NTD reporting.)
  • Limit the agency’s exposure to risk, and establishing internal controls and mitigations.
  • Ensure the integrity of resource allocation and budgets. Develop/utilize performance metrics.
  • Lead the agency’s emergency operations situations (i.e. disaster response and recovery).

Provide senior leadership and supervision for the Operations division for the purpose of developing a high-performance team that can deliver services effectively and efficiently in a changing environment.

  • Model and promote appropriate behaviors to foster a positive workplace culture.
  • Inspire staff to enhance employee engagement. Help staff to understand the agency’s common purpose, values, ideals, and goals. Help staff to understand our common purpose, and how their role contributes to the overall success of the team and impacts in the community. Translate the agency’s strategic direction into divisional strategies.
  • Help staff reach their potential in order to enhance individual and organizational capacity. Provide clear expectations, coaching and feedback to direct reports in order to build on strengths, and foster learning and continuous improvement. Hold staff accountable for decisions, behaviors and actions. Establish employee development and succession plans. Conduct annual employee reviews.
  • Encourage reflection and innovation in order to create an atmosphere of learning, growth and continuous improvement. Identify emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. Assist with change leadership.
  • Ensure effective communication and coordination within the division, and between the division and other parts of the organization. Assist in leading communication with Board members, staff and partners. Establish cross-functional teams as needed.
  • Foster delegation, empowerment and collaboration for staff in order to encourage staff growth, organizational productivity and superior results.
  • Facilitate recognitions and celebrations to enhance employee engagement, pride, loyalty, and commitment to team and community (espirt de corps).
  • Build strong working relationships with the CEO, Board, staff, stakeholders, and partners.

Ensure effective and efficient approaches to resource management throughout the division for the purposes of delivering agreed upon result.

  • Work to ensure the division delivers agreed-upon results with the appropriate balance of quality, cost and timeliness. Oversee implementation of key projects or initiatives.
  • Establish and recommend appropriate allocation of people and resources to ensure successful and efficient service delivery to internal and external customers. Recruit, hire and train direct reports to ensure the division is positioned with the necessary talent and skills.
  • Establish and recommend appropriate policies, processes, procedures, and systems to help effectively and efficiently handle workload. Establish appropriate organizational structures, and vertical and lateral communication flows. Ensure all are documented clearly.
  • Demonstrate strong fiscal management including overseeing budgets, monitoring and managing financial resources, deadlines, and performance measures. Responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring effective internal controls.
  • Lead business planning ensuring clear goals, alignment and team understanding. Ensure smooth functioning between departments and divisions.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant agency, regulatory, legislative and policy requirements, including those related to safety and privacy, confidentiality and record management. Ensure appropriate risk, asset, and liability management actions.
  • Arrange/negotiate contracts, agreements, partnerships and other undertakings with outside organizations, ensuring the parameters of Authority policies are met.

Participate in senior agency leadership to ensure the development and success of the overall organization.

  • As a member of the Senior Management Team help to clarify and implement the agency’s strategic direction, administrative policies and decisions as required.
  • Operate as an interface between Senior Management Team and staff in order to foster strong and effective vertical and lateral communications and information flow.
  • Ensure intra and inter-divisional communication and collaboration to clarify expectations, maximize integration, resolve misunderstandings, minimize overlaps, leverage economies of scale, improve overall organizational capabilities, and realize efficiencies.  Support cross-functional teams as needed.
  • Perform other leadership duties, which may include acting for his/her immediate supervisor.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four-year college or university in operations, logistics, Business Administration, Public Administration, or related field.
  • Minimum 10 years of progressively more responsible leadership roles related to operations, preferably in a transit agency, government, or similar environment.
  • Experience with Federal Transit Administration programs and requirements strongly desired.
  • Ability to analyze, recommend, and implement solutions to complex operational problems.
  • Considerable knowledge and skill in preparation, development and administration of short- and long-range, strategic operational plans, comprehensive reports and documents.
  • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, Board members and the public.
  • Ability to contribute to senior executive leadership of agency, lead and work in teams, inspire staff, and work without close supervision.
  • Ability to inspire direct reports while helping them succeed and hold them accountable.

Competitive, dependent on experience.

Equal Employment Opportunity
AAATA/TheRide is an equal opportunity employer.

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